Create opportunities to directly engage with the community:

- Monthly “office hours” with Dranesville District residents

- A board of students from the Dranesville pyramid high schools

- Development of other mechanisms to ensure transparency and community involvement in addressing issues and making decisions for the school district


Work with all Dranesville schools to build community capacity to strengthen our ability to provide services for all students.

Provide culturally sensitive learning environments for students regardless of race, color, sex, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or income.

Fund innovative and collaborative programs that use sound educational best practices to empower our students to be ethical and global citizens and ensure that these programs are available to ALL students.


Work with the Virginia Department of Education and area businesses to continue looking at middle and high school curriculum innovations that support career path development and career skills.

Build our school communities to support students and families to ensure academic success and career and/or college readiness for all.

Provide students with language and literacy skills to achieve academically.


Empower students and staff to understand that their actions can have a positive effect on their community.

Ensure safe learning spaces for everyone in our schools through common sense security measures and gun policies.

Investigate ways to alleviate stress for students and staff.


Engage in sound fiscal management of county resources by managing expenditures and looking for cost saving measures such as energy efficiency and sound maintenance of school facilities.

Address school overcrowding.

Continue the growth of FCPS green school and sustainability initiatives across all departments and fully support the new Board of Supervisors/School Board Joint Environmental Task Force.

Provide staff professional development opportunities to ensure our workforce is able to provide the best possible education to our students.